Expert Group on Antarctic Volcanism

Tephrochronology & Glaciochemistry

AntVolc contact: Nelia Dunbar (

  • Identify and compositionally characterize major correlatable tephra datums
  • Obtain comparable probe & grain-specific ICP analyses of glass from source volcanoes (may involve additional sampling)
  • Improve the marine sediment-based, lacustrine & ice-core tephra records, to enable more accurate environmental correlations and constructing a more complete picture of the volcanism on the continent, especially in Pleistocene—Holocene-time
  • Encourage new drilling of ice-filled calderas for more complete tephra and climate records
  • Identify the major factors affecting the preservation of glassy proximal deposits
  • Quantify effects of remobilization of pyroclastic material following eruption
  • Discriminate between primary volcanic and sedimentary processes