Expert Group on Antarctic Volcanism

Glaciovolcanism & Palaeoenvironments

AntVolc contact: John Smellie (

  • Glaciovolcanism: derive more information on palaeo-ice thicknesses and other related environmental information from volcanic records. Ice thicknesses lead to more precise modelling of ice volumes, which can then lead to sea level information. Potential for investigating the presence or absence of ice shelves?
  • Encourage isotopic dating labs to improve precision and accuracy to obtain resolution within glacial cycles (may be technology-limited)
  • Identify & characterise any interglacial environmental information held by glaciovolcano repositories
  • Extend volcanological investigations into Antarctic ‘hothouse world’. Formulate volcanic studies to investigate the climate of the world during times of warmer climate, as a counterpart for the much better developed use of glaciovolcanism in the ‘Icehouse world’. Establish what volcanological—chemical proxies are of most use for defining ‘hothouse’ environments