Expert Group on Antarctic Volcanism

Expert Group on Antarctic Volcanism (AntVolc)

Aims of the Expert Group

  • to promote the study of Antarctic volcanism and disperse information
  • to  provide a forum for discussing protocols, methods, best practices
  • to integrate & share geological information
  • to facilitate regional correlations (e.g. tephrochronology)
  • to compile, integrate & publish databases (e.g. outcrop maps, geochemistry)
  • to identify priorities, critical issues, future scientific directions
  • to work towards establishing Antarctica as a high profile site for studying volcanic processes, especially but not solely petrology & glaciovolcanism
  • to develop collaborations and international joint research projects
  • to exchange data and ideas with other SCAR Scientific Programmes or Expert Groups
  • to develop productive links with related science disciplines (e.g. glaciology, biology, modelling)


AntVolc is part of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR)